Bears Cheat

If I remember correctly the Chicago Bears picked Babe Carimi in the first round after swindling the Ravens to switch positions in the draft. They told the Ravens they agreed to move up 2 spots so they could pick Carimi; then they failed to report this to the league as required. While the Ravens waited and lost their spot due to the delay, the Bears pounced and CHEATED the Ravens out of their compensation (the Bears front office said I know nothing). Maybe it is fitting fate that the jinx of “The Babe” came back to haunt the Bears with this season ending injury.


One thought on “Bears Cheat

  1. Apparently the CHEATING Bears front office is not acknowledging the fact they cheated the Ravens in the recent draft. Now the Karma gods have come back to smack the Bears once more (losing Cutler). Until they admit to this blatantly unfair act and give the Ravens their agreed upon late round draft choice, the negative karma or mojo will continue ………mark my words!

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